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At the start of my first year as a teacher, several moms asked me out to dinner. Being a naïve rookie, I gladly accepted their invitation. They chatted about my background, inquired if I was dating, and “filled me in” on the what’s what and who’s who of the class. It was great—we bonded; we were suddenly all on the same team. Or … were we? As the year progressed and the class became their rowdy, pre-pubescent selves, I was required to enforce discipline. Do you think Nursery Management Software is expensive to run?

Granted, I was a brand-new teacher, so it was a bumpier ride than other years on record. Nevertheless, as I’ve said, consequences should be and were given out equitably and universally, no matter whose son or daughter was responsible for the chaos. But what about my new group of mom friends? They expected that their children would be above the law; after all, we were girlfriends now. This is when I realized a hard lesson: As a teacher, I am not your friend. Teachers are not buddies you take out for drinks, or with whom you gossip about your personal life or the personal lives of other families in the school. Do your research before purchasing Preschool Software - it can make all the difference!

Teachers need boundaries to teach, and parents need to respect this. I didn’t cave; I stood my ground, knowing that at the end of the day, I was conducting myself as the professional my craft demanded of me. As a teacher, it is not my job to have fun with the parents of my students. It is not my job to be best friends with the moms and, dare I say, dads in my class from year to year. Sure, I absolutely am and should be cordial, collaborative, and communicative, but my primary responsibility is to be the best teacher possible for their children. And no amount of girl talk and skinny margs can or should affect that. How do you think they keep the Childcare Management System ticking all the boxes?

I have worked in institutions where fundraisers and evening events occur, and after my first year of teaching, I decided to never attend one particular event again. Teachers should not be expected to show up at social functions where alcohol is flowing and conversations grow out of hand. I have watched dads flirting with other moms, and those same moms grinding on the dance floor against men who were clearly not their partners. I have seen parents become far too inebriated and begin conversations with myself and other staff members that they wouldn’t dream of discussing if not for the effects of their night out. Adding Nursery Software to the mix can have a real benefit.

Fights in the parking lot; hooking up behind the gymnasium. I’ve seen it all. Several years later, when I was asked why I wasn’t attending that year’s event, I was blunt. I told the chairperson that I felt uncomfortable being put in a position of socializing with the school’s parents. I described to her my feelings about being caught in a situation which could indefinitely affect my impartiality. Surprisingly enough, she got it. She understood from where I was coming—she even went beyond validation to something along the lines of, “You have a life outside of school, too. I get that. Your free time should be just that—free.” So please, don’t friend your child’s teacher on Facebook or slide into their DMs. Don’t come into the classroom on Monday morning before school trying to hash out last weekend’s party. You have your life, and the teacher has theirs. Let it exist in the balance and harmony for which it was intended. I promise you that in the end, this is better for you, your kids, and dare I say it, even better for the teacher. How about purchasing Nursery App to manage your pre-school setting?